I am a multi-traditional Polytheistic Reconstructionist. I practice Cultus Deorum Romanorum, Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Kemeticism, and Shintoism. I have been practicing Traditional Polytheism for over a decade now, and have been a part of the Pagan community in some capacity since I was in high school. Though I center on the animistic polytheistic traditions of the ancient world, I have also studied various world religions, Christian Gnosticism, contemporary and pre-modern Ceremonial Magick traditions, Chaos Magick, Traditional Witchcraft, and various other forms of esoteric or otherwise alternative spiritual paths.

I am a huge student of history and philosophy in general, but I have been especially entertained by alternative history, as well as Historical Fantasy and socially challenging forms of Science Fiction, including Cyberpunk and Retrofuturism. I’ve also been a regular attendee of the local Renaissance Faires for over a decade now, and I love festivals of many types. I am very passionate about music and especially experimental music, and have developed a complex palette in both the Electronic, Folk, and Heavy Metal spheres, among others. I find myself always amazed by the amazing kinds of art, music, and literature that are available to us in this modern age of ours, and I hope I never lose that sense of wonder.

I have named myself Pragmatavist on this website because I see the practical utility, as well as cultural and aesthetic value, of maintaining or in some cases returning to traditions, practices, forms, and concepts from previous generations, but doing so in a meaningful and mature way, without devolution into the horrific extremism and barbarism of the past. This concept of pragmatavism is something that I also feel stands in contrast with the modern excesses of identitarianism, whether it comes from a decidedly Marxist or Fascist ideology, or from any other system of belief or practice. I seek to not only share my own ideas, and those of others, but combat ideological polarization in whatever way I can, while also providing my unique perspective as a practicing Conservative Polytheist.